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Useful contacts

Useful contacts

This page contains useful contacts who can help you to reduce your communities' impact on the environment.

The Wales Council for Voluntary Action

For information on the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) climate change declaration call their helpdesk on 0800 2888 329 or email them.

Environment Wales

Environment Wales can provide support for a wide range of projects on their website or you can call 029 2043 1727/1769.
Visit: Environment Wales website (external link)

Sustain Wales

The Sustain Wales website has a wealth of information about sustainable living and a directory of organisations, projects and support available where you live.
Visit: Sustain Wales website (external link)

Small Events Recycling Scheme

More information on the Small Events Recycling Scheme can be found on the Cylch website or by calling 02920 649750.
Visit: Cylch website (external link)

One Voice Wales

One Voice Wales look after all the community and town councils and will offer advice. You can contact them on 01269 595400 or visit their website.
Visit: One Voice Wales website (external link)