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This section aims to help businesses tackle climate change.

Your business can be more profitable and fitter for future challenges by tackling climate change. Studies show that most staff want to work for businesses that care about the long term future and does business in a sustainable way.  

Research by the Carbon Trust shows:

  • 60% of employees say it is important to them to work for a company that has an active policy to reduce its carbon emissions;
  • Two thirds are keen to help their organisation cut its carbon emissions;
  • Less than a fifth are happy that their company is doing enough; and
  • Many are demanding clearer direction to show them what to do to make a difference.  

Small steps to make a difference

Here are some simple ideas, which will get your staff and business healthier and use resources wisely:

  • Set up a company travel plan: car sharing or pooling schemes and other travel measures can make your transport budget go further;
  • Replace face-to-face meetings with video or teleconferencing: staff will be able to spend the saved travelling time on other work;
  • Appoint ‘champions’ to encourage staff to switch off lights and office equipment when they are not needed. Staff can see that saving energy makes the company resistant to future fuel increases and their jobs are more secure;
  • Encourage staff to walk or cycle to work: they’ll be healthier, which will reduce your sickness leave;
  • Make sure you only use your heating/cooling system when you have staff in the office; and 
  • Ensure windows and doors are closed when heating or cooling systems are in use and only operate one system at a time.

Useful contacts

The Carbon Trust offers lots of information for businesses. This information is broken down by sector to provide relevant and specific recommendations. More information on the Carbon Trust is on the left of this page.

The Energy Saving Trust provide free impartial advice on how to save energy and money. Why not sign up to receive the latest sustainability news or register your interest for a workshop or presentation?

Visit: Energy Saving Trust website (external link)

Each region has Travel Plan Coordinators who can help you develop a travel plan. They are:

Business in the Community (BITC) also offer support to businesses. In 2001, they held three Mayday Summits around Wales to unite business leaders on climate change. Their website has more information about:

  • these events;
  • their work;
  • joining the Mayday network of businesses already realising the benefits of wising up to the future.

Visit: Business in the Community website (external link)

If you would like to find out more about relevant legislation your business, visit Business Wales' website.

Visit: Business Wales (external link)

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